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Sunrise Yoga with Bethany

I'm a sporadic yoga practicer. I fully believe in yoga's effectiveness in creating a more peaceful mind, body, and spirit. I have many friends who are amazing yogis, one of which is named Bethany. I've been trying to branch out and find new subjects to photograph and I was inspired by some of her yoga photos.

She graciously agreed to meet up and do a sunrise shoot this week. Fall was definitely in the air, but we persevered despite the chilly temperatures. We spent some time shooting on top of the jetty just as the sun was coming up. And then moved down onto the beach. I was really happy with how these came out :-)

Labor Day Surf

I spent the morning of Labor day this year with a buddy of mine shooting the sunrise and surf. We were up at an insanely early hour and arrived at our spot right at first light.

There were a couple locals surfing as the sun came up. I played around with a couple different angles of the sunrise. And then as my buddy John got in the water, I switched focus over to him.

I've also been messing around with my GoPro and shooting shore break and waves. The water temperature was in the mid 70s and with the cool morning air, it almost felt like bath water. I spent about an hour or so in the water shooting waves magically backlit by the rising sun.

It was a really awesome way to spend the official last morning of summer. But I am really excited to welcome in the new season of fall. With it comes new scenery, new energy, and big storms with big waves :-)