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Andrew and Josefin's Sweden Wedding | Michael Guccione Photography

I'm in a car with Andrew, Josefin, and Josefin's father, Stanko. We're driving to a beautiful forested spot overlooking the Swedish coast in the town of Stenungsund, about 50 Kilometers north of Gothenburg. It's cloudy, windy, and raining.

In a few hours Andrew and Josefin will be married. We are trying to get some portraits done, but the weather is not cooperating.

I tell Andrew and Josefin, "I'm going to get as many shots as I can as quickly as I can. I'll try to get you back in the car fast so you don't get cold and wet."

We pull up to the spot. We get out of the car and go to it. I pose them in as many positions as I can in 10 minutes. The wind is blowing rain onto my lens which I have to wipe every 10-15 seconds. Andrew and Josefin are great sports and endure the wind and rain with me to get the photos.

We all get back in the car and I'm very pleased to have gotten a bunch of quality shots. I take a look at my view finder and come across…