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Fall Surf in New Jersey | New Jersey Surf Photographer

The fall is one of the best times for surf here in Jersey.

Over the last few months, there have been a couple of swells that have come through which have produced some great conditions.

While I've shared photos through out the fall, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite surf images from the last few months.

Looking forward to some winter swells :-)

Tommy Ihnkin

New Yorker Balaram Stack here in NJ a few weeks after landing the cover of Surfing Magazine
Pat Schmidt
Young buck Alex Dziobek

Jude Clark with Photographer Matt Catalano
Tommy Ihnkin in a late fall slab
Chris Schlegel
Mark Cavalieri
Mark Cavalieri
Jude Clark in the green room
Adam Holloway
Inlet barrels at sunset

Adam Holloway in the pit

Jordan Beverly
Jude Clark...again 

Sunset after a really fun December session

My 2016 in Review | Michael Guccione Photography

Going through a year's worth of images is overwhelming as a photographer. In a way, you relive all the experiences, events, and beauty all over again. And this year, there were so many experiences to relive.

And when you're trying to sum it up in one post, it's incredibly challenging. I WANT TO INCLUDE SO MANY IMAGES!

From weddings, to engagements, to early sunrises, to Warped Tour, to Hawaii, this year was nothing short of miraculous. I never thought that I could see success as a photographer or that it would be anything more than just a hobby that I really loved. And at the same time, I've known on some level that it's the only thing that I really want to do.

So thank you to everybody who's supported me in any way this year! 2017 is already shaping up to be another year beyond what I ever could have imagined for myself :-)

Below are some of my favorite images from the year!

There were some incredible weddings...
Maureen and Brian
Steve and Tracy
Mark and Robin