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Emerging from the Winter Blues

This has been one of the more brutal winters that I can remember. Yes, it's been bitterly cold. There've been storms that go from snow to rain, or rain to snow, and just about everything in between. Growing up in the Northeast, you come to accept the realities of winter, but that doesn't make it any easier. Sometimes I can feel grateful that at least I don't live someplace colder with more snow. However, when I'm scraping the ice off my windshield with a subzero windchill stinging my face, it sucks.

This winter has presented some interesting challenges for me in my life which made this past February especially tough. About a month ago, I accepted a new job. This process is never easy; new people, new rules, new information. And in the midst of all this, my trusty Hyundai Sonata decided it too had had enough of the winter. Several weeks ago, my front calipers had to be replaced. Not one week later, my alternator died on the way to work. At this point my wife and I d…