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April Update

It's been a really busy couple of weeks for me! I've been away from writing and facebook for longer than usual. Granted, it's been super busy at the day job, but I've also been working hard behind the scenes with my photography!

But first, let me back track...

A couple of years ago, my wife was a bridesmaid in her friend Megan's wedding. They were going to a bridal expo in Philly and she mentioned that it may be a good idea to tag along to meet some wedding photographers and do some networking.

After walking around the expo for a little bit, we came across the booth of Caroline Morris; A young, up and coming wedding photographer. We struck up a conversation. I don't remember much of what she and I talked about, but I remember thinking that she seemed cool and down to earth. We exchanged information and went on our ways.

My friend Megan wound up booking Caroline for her wedding in May of 2014. We again got to meet and chat at the wedding and I got to see a bit o…