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Florida Family Weekend!

I think my Grandma had a lot of courage and foresight. Back in the 70's my Grandpa Anthony bought a house that he planned to retire to for him and my Grandma Marie. The house was a little two bedroom ranch house just a short walk from the ocean. This was back when any land west of I-95 was nothing but lemon and orange groves.

As it turned out, my Grandpa would die of heart disease long before he would get to enjoy the fruits of his labors. Instead of coming back up north to Westchester where she raised both my mom and aunt, she decided to stay in Florida.

When I was a kid, we would take trips down to Florida to visit Grandma. I really loved getting to spend time with her, but as soon as we said hello and dropped our bags, I made a full sprint up to the beach! I would spend hours in the ocean on my boogie board getting rocked by waves. And by night, we would eat all the amazing food my grandma cooked and hang together in the living room watching movies.

As time passed, more and mo…